17 Surprising Things Men Want In Bed But Will Never Tell You

in this article, you will learn:

  • What men secretly want in bed (and the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.)
  • How to please your man, make him addicted to you and keep your husband sexually satisfied.
  • New things to try in bed with your man (that will drive him absolutely crazy).
  • What turns men on, how to arouse a man, and how to REALLY please him?

How to fulfill his secret sexual desires and get him completely addicted to you, forever…

For men, women are a mystery.

For women, men are a mystery.

You’re afraid that you’re doing it ‘wrong.’ And if you do want to ask him for advice, you’re scared he’ll get angry, or that you’ll hurt his ego.

Let’s be honest:

Sex is a deal-breaker.

If it’s good, that’s how he’ll get addicted to you sexually.

If it’s bad, he can just disappear overnight. Or he’s going to find excitement elsewhere.

Before you think you’re good in bed, consider this:

A man will NEVER tell you that you don’t give him the right satisfaction during sex.

Usually, he just escapes from the relationship. Very often, not even because it’s you, but because he finds women who aren’t good in bed as ‘unattractive.’

But don’t make the mistake that many women make:

Don’t take for granted that you’re good in bed because you’ve only had compliments, or never had any complaints.

I’m going to reveal the truth about how you can drive every man crazy in bed.

In this blog, I will tell you real working sex tips for women and some of the most common sex fantasies men have. (Men will never dare tell most of these things to you.)

Some things men want during sex can even seem a little weird.

And yes, I know you think you know what you’re doing in bed. That’s what all women think.

But I can tell you that, as a man – that’s just not true.

Let’s get started with what turns men on in bed.

This is what (the majority of) all men want during sex, what men love in bed and how you become his sexual goddess:

Turn on his nose

In the eyes of a man, a woman is like a soft and gentle creature.

And everything that reminds him of a woman is sweet, soft, and delicious.

Men, therefore, expect a woman to smell nice when they sleep with her.

It’s what they expect her to be like.

You don’t have to take extensive Bodyshop treatments to smell good.

The guaranteed checklist for fooling around:

  • Take a shower
  • Apply a nice-smelling lotion to your body
  • Put some perfume behind your ears

What men like about lingerie

Men are stimulated by what they see. Women are stimulated by what they hear.

What men want during sex is a woman with whom they fear losing control.

Her looks make them so crazy that they have to restrain themselves.

No matter how complicated it sounds:

A sexy lingerie set is enough to bring out the inner beast in the man. That’s how you arouse a man.

Do you really want to do well? Combine it with stockings and high heels.

I know high heels aren’t practical… But believe me, if you want to satisfy a man in bed, they’re very functional.

Completely surrender yourself to him

Maybe you have noticed this during the entire ’50 shades of grey’ hype:

Men like control.

One a little more than the other.

(And there are only a few men who like to hand over the control to a woman. If they do this, it is more likely coming from uncertainty).

So totally surrender yourself to him:

Let him guide you into the bedroom
Some men aren’t very comfortable with giving commands.

That’s why it’s good to give him a helping hand, so he understands that he’s in charge:

  • Say “Tonight, I’ll do everything you say.”
  • Say “You’re the boss tonight.”

This kind of thing boosts his self-confidence and shows him he’s your “boss.”

What men like to hear in bed

And while we’re on the topic of “saying things”…

As I pointed out earlier, men are sometimes just as insecure in bed as women are.

They don’t want to make the “wrong” move because they don’t know how a woman will react to it.

That’s why you can give him a helping hand by literally telling him what you want him to do to you.

You can even exaggerate this a little
When you say:

“I want good sex tonight.”

it’s a lot less convincing than if you’d say:

“I want you to take me so hard tonight.”

What men find exciting to hear is when you play with his “dominate” fantasy by telling him what to do with you.


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