We will announce the final results of the census in December, Asad Omar

Federal Minister for Planning Asad Omar said that the Council of Common Interests (CCI) has approved the timetable for the census in the country, according to which the final results will be announced in December. Will be.

Briefing the media in Islamabad, Asad Umar said that pilot test of census would be conducted in May-June, field work in August and September while samples would be audited in November.

He said that the constitution stipulates that according to the latest census, constituencies will be demarcated. The same thing happened in 2017 before the 2018 elections. Contrary to the wishes of some friends, Imran Khan will remain the Prime Minister till August 18, 2023. Within 6 to 7 months after January, according to the latest census, constituencies can be announced for the next election.

He said that the resources are distributed according to the census, for such an important task it is necessary to use the best resources and modern technology available in the world.

He said that the census was being conducted with the help of modern technology so that there would be no dispute.

Talking about the cost of the census, he said that hardware and software worth Rs 10 billion was being procured and the cost of security was yet to be estimated.

The Federal Minister said that the idea of ​​setting up a National Census Coordination Center came from the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) because the NCOC used modern technology to make health information available immediately. The federation and the provinces were present at the same place for such assistance.

He said that when all the information is gathered in one place and all decisions are taken in consultation with the federation and the province, mutual trust is enhanced. Will be adopted in the center.

Asad Omar said that all the provinces would be represented in the National Census Coordination Center, and all information in this regard would be made available to the public through the website.

He said that the Assembly and Parliament would also be taken into confidence in this regard. He also requested the Chairman of the Standing Committee to keep it on the agenda.

The Federal Minister said that the role of army in the census would be only for security.

He said that there was never any requirement of ID card for census, census has nothing to do with ID card, if you are in Pakistan and using Pakistani resources then you will be part of the census. The city in which he lives will be counted there.

He said that the difference between urban and rural population was eliminated in Lahore so there was a difference of 4 million in population. Now they are going to do the same in Islamabad.

“There is no intention to impose a curfew for the census. The curfew has to be imposed when you are conducting a census across the country in a single day, which is not possible,” he added.

Asad Omar said that in order to ensure security in view of the use of technology, NTC and the Ministry of IT would be part of the oversight of all matters. The contract for hardware and software was also awarded to NRTC However, let me make it clear that this will not be an Internet-connected system, so there will be no risk of online hacking.

Asked about the no-confidence motion, he said that not so many dates are given in the courts as the opposition has given dates for the departure of the government. It is also being prepared, the dates have been heard a lot before, now these ones will also be heard.