The Prime Minister has reduced the tax rate for IT freelancers to zero

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a zero tax rate for freelancers in the information technology sector.

According to the Dawn newspaper, he said that especially the young men have a lot of potential but the system does not allow them to move forward.

Addressing the national e-commerce portal, Prime Minister Imran Khan assured the youth that the government would provide all facilities to them and demanded that they not miss the opportunity of IT revolution.

He said that this could not only generate revenue for the youth but also help in closing the trade gap in the country.

The Prime Minister said, “This is a technology revolution. The youth have no way of wasting it. We hope that in the next few years, the country’s IT exports will increase to ارب 50 billion.”

He said that the IT industry gives a chance to 20 year olds to become billionaires and they can be subordinated to the veterans.

Announcing the zero tax policy for e-freelancer registration, the Prime Minister said that Bill Gates, a US business administrator and philanthropist, had recently visited Pakistan as he wanted to join Pakistan’s IT sector.

Announcing the portal regularly, Imran Khan said that the system of the country prevents the common man from moving forward.

Praising Nadia, a freelancer from Gilgit-Baltistan, the Prime Minister said that IT provides all facilities for women to play their part in national development, 60% of Pakistan’s population under the age of 30 Yes, you can avail the facilities.

On the occasion, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for E-Commerce Aun Abbas Bapi said that the country’s e-commerce market in 2021 was 4 4 billion while the global volume of e-commerce market was estimated at 30 3 trillion.

He said that under the e-commerce policy, the government has increased the freelance payment from Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000.