The Winter Olympics in Beijing have come to an end

As the Olympics draw to a close, China will be remembered with outrage over the drastic corona measures and doping scandal that engulfed 15-year-old Russian skater Camilla Valiva.

According to the Dawn newspaper, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended an ice-themed ceremony at Ping Bird’s Nest Stadium, where Thomas Beach, president of the International Olympic Committee, described the Beijing Olympics as “extraordinary” before it ended.

The Beijing Games, which included a “closed loop”, are the second Olympic Games in six months to miss its colorful events due to the corona virus.

Many countries have boycotted China’s diplomacy over its human rights record, and President Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremony with his counterpart Xi Jinping to watch Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and show solidarity with the West. He was also the victim of political criticism.

The Beijing Olympics came to an end on Sunday night with a 90-second firework and the words “One World, One Family”, followed by the song “Old Ling Sign”.

During the ceremony, Thomas Beach praised the Beijing organizers and called for unity as well as worldwide access to the corona vaccine.

“Embrace each other, even if your countries are divided by the conflict,” he said.

“The unifying force of the Olympic Games is stronger than the forces that want to divide us, you give peace a chance,” he said.

During the ceremony, Thomas Beach was seated next to President Xi Jinping, while there was a social distance between them.

The stadium, on the other hand, was almost packed, with athletes entering, taking selfies and dancing in the light of Chinese lanterns.

The Chinese team’s joy was doubled when San Francisco-born freestyle skater Ellen Go won two gold and one silver medal for China, as shown on the screen.

Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, were among those who applauded.

At the end of the ceremony, a group of 365 people bid farewell with a shining green willow twig, giving the traditional Chinese gesture of regret at the separation.

However, many athletes have had their Olympic dreams shattered by positive tests that prevented them from competing.