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Remy, a former chef in Canada, wowed his Instagram followers after sharing an image of his extreme tattoo.

Remy has multiple tattoos with a bold piece of body art rendered in solid black ink. The former chef in Canada has built himself an Instagram army with 204,000 fans following to see his latest work.


In her latest post, Remy sported a black tank top with dark socks and shoes to accentuate her black outfit. He cut his face out of the photo as fans focused mainly on his legs and arms in the photo.

He recently got a skull tattoo done on his torso, which also stands out in the photo.

Remy’s inspirational caption read: “Life will have its share of rainy days. Be able to weather the storm well and haggle your highs and lows. Reminisce on 2020.”

Remy gained a lot of attention on the post as fans flocked to the comments.

One spray tattoo fan said, ” I love your stuff” , while another added: ” Oh, I love this look so much”.

One fan of extreme body editing commented: “It’s amazing” , as a fourth posted: “Real man, great looking suit”.

Remy revealed he has spent more than £75,000 on his transformation to date. He has no plans to stop as he hopes to achieve a Guinness World Record for the most time spent in ink jetting.

The dad recently admitted that he spent 1,200 hours (or more) on his eyes in the tattoo chair. His entire body was covered with black marks, including his entire arms, chest area, and legs.

Speaking of a new project, he said: “ The work that I am doing is almost never seen before. Most people think that white on black won’t work, let alone colors and different shades of black on black.”


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