Making history in an unprecedented way: the first female VTV with a tattoo on her face to deliver the national golden hour news!

Female editor Oriini Kaipara (37 years old, from Auckland, New Zealand) made history when she became the first person with a face tattoo to appear on national television.

For Ms. Oriini Kaipara, participating in the golden hour broadcast is a big dream in the female MC’s leading career.

Kaipara becomes special with the tattoo “moko kauae”, this is a traditional meaning tattoo often appearing on the chin of Maori women – an indigenous people in New Zealand.

For Maori women, the tattoo they get on their chin marks a transition from a girl to a girl, a moment of maturity and a symbol of life change.

Currently, Ms. Kaipara is participating in the Newshub news broadcast on New Zealand television at 6 pm. Ms. Oriini Kaipara first aired this news last year.

That moment, she said, helped her fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming the first Māori woman to headline the news with a traditional tattoo.

“It’s really exciting. I really like it. I was speechless, but it was an echo. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve worked so hard to be able to show up at 6pm right now ,” she happily shared.

Previously, in 2019, Kaipara caught the attention when he became the first person with a tattoo to host a noon news broadcast. After much effort and effort, she was officially led at the prime time slot.

Kaipara hopes her story will inspire many people to be confident and strive to achieve achievements in their field of work, especially for women with traditional tattoos on their faces. face.

As in Vietnam, BTV Nguyen Hoang Linh – One of the famous names in the MC village, full name is Nguyen Hoang Linh (SN 1985) is a familiar face of Vietnamese audiences on VTV.

She also owns many large and small tattoos on her body and is also supported by many people. However, besides that, many people also commented that jobs in TV stations should not be tattooed.

Being commented on many times, Hoang Linh also expressed a tough attitude when answering that: “Now is the 21st century, it is the 4.0 era, dear. Today’s society doesn’t have too many people who think like me. “

Moreover, this personal hobby does not affect her main job, because when she is on the air, Hoang Linh often dresses very discreetly. Her main outfit when on the air is ao dai, military uniform, or business and casual wear.



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