Mom Runs Over Boyfriend After Finding Him In Bed With Her 7-year-old Daughter.

Last August, a mother in Texas walked in on the unthinkable. She found her boyfriend naked in bed with her seven-year-old daughter. Immediately, she called the police, but her boyfriend tried to run away. These are the details of what happened.

Mom Hits Boyfriend With Car After Finding Him In Bed With Her Young Daughter

In August 2021, a Texas woman returned home where she had left her seven year old daughter in the care of her boyfriend. She went upstairs looking for them, when she found her boyfriend naked in bed with her little girl. Horrified, she called 911. When the dispatch answered, the first thing you can hear the distraught mother yelling on the recording is “What are you doing to her?”. She then proceeded to explain the situation to the dispatcher. (1)

“I just found my man huh [sic] whoever lives with me naked in the bed with my daughter. Please hurry. He’s running a way. Please hurry.” she said.

The dispatcher then asked her to clarify if this man was her boyfriend.

“He was supposed to be. But you hurry up or I’m going to kill him. I’m going to f***ing kill him.”

She then repeatedly asked the dispatcher to please hurry because he was escaping. She also said more than once that she was so angry that she was going to kill him if they didn’t hurry.

“Please hurry, please hurry. I’m fixing to kill him, hurry please, please hurry, please f-king hurry. He’s jumping the fence. He’s f-king jumping the fence. Hurry.” she said. (2)

The Car Chase

The affidavit states that the dispatch heard the mother tell her daughter to get in the car. They then proceeded to follow the man who was now fleeing the scene. As she was driving, she gave the dispatch a description of the man. The man was 29-year-old Delmer Orlando Ortiz-Licona.

The woman then told the dispatcher that she was not going to “deal with it”. Then you can hear the sound of something being hit and the little girl starts to scream. Next, the dispatcher could hear someone say “Please get an ambulance”. The dispatcher asked the mother why she needed the ambulance.

“He’s in the alley. He just got in front of my car. He just got in front of my car, sir,” the mom said.

The dispatcher asked if she hit him with her car.

“Yes, he jumped right in front of my car,” she responded. “He jumped right in front of my car, sir,”

She then explained to the dispatcher that Licona was now passed out drunk but he seemed to be okay. He then fled the scene before the officers could arrive.

The Investigation

Several months later, in March, the police finally began a full investigation. Detectives interviewed the little girl about what happened, and she described everything in full detail. The investigators say that the child gave very specific details about the assault.

In April the investigators contacted Licona who said that he did nothing wrong. The police then tried several times to set up an interview with the suspect, but he failed to show up every single time. On May 3 of this year, the police finally arrested Licona. They arrested him on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child, evading arrest, failure to identify, reckless driving, and an immigration hold.

The man is still in jail in Lubbock County, Texas. There is no bond listed for him. We currently do not know the status of the mother and daughter, however, hopefully, the little girl is receiving the help she needs to deal with the trauma she has suffered.



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