‘People don’t care… when you lie about r*pe’: Depp Fans Blast Amber Heard Fans for Calling Her ‘Strong and Resilient’ after She Resurfaces in Spain With Daughter Oonagh

After vanishing for almost a month, Amber Heard was recently spotted in Spain. Looks like the Aquaman star is apparently vacationing all her problems away after the chaotic Depp v. Heard trial. Just a while ago, news had dropped about the actress hiring lawyer after lawyer to get her out of the massive financial mess she’d gotten into as a result of losing the trial against her ex-husband.

The jury favored Johnny Depp in the long-drawn legal battle as a result of which, Amber Heard has had to bear the burden of paying about $10.35 million to the former in compensatory damages.

But it looks like she has put a pause on all her worries as she sashays in Spain with all smiles and not a care in the world.

Amber Heard was spotted in Spain with her daughter Oonagh

Heard was seen enjoying her time in Palma de Mallorca with her one-year-old daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard, as well as her girlfriend, Bianca Butti.

The Drive Angry actress was seen walking around the city with her new romantic interest and was also photographed playing with her daughter on a park swing set.

After allegedly being incapable of paying back her ex-husband the millions of dollars that she is supposed to, Heard spent her summer in the Hamptons, shortly after which she was seen traveling to Israel. And now she’s spending her time in the beautiful European city of Spain.

All her fans seem to be extremely happy for her for getting through such a tough time and being “strong and resilient.” But Johnny Depp supporters have a different take altogether as they bash Heard fans for acknowledging the actress when she hasn’t done anything significant other than lying about her struggles.

Depp fans thrash Amber Heard with claims of her lying about r*pe

Since Amber Heard was spotted on a getaway in Spain with her daughter and girlfriend, her fans have flooded Twitter with nothing but supportive comments, appreciating her for being so full of courage and claiming that they’re all “so happy for her” after everything that she has been through.

But it looks like that struck a nerve amongst Depp fans as they immediately went to say how “lying about r*pe” and shrugging off one’s responsibilities is not going to fetch Heard any sympathy from the media.

Twitter has once again become a warzone between Depp and Heard fans.

Amber and main stream media really thought that her “resurfacing” posts will go viral with 200k likes and people will go mad! 🤣😭. JD dating his lawyer became a thing. See amber, when you lie about rape and 2nd degree sexual assault, people won’t care, the least pic.twitter.com/az5daWLu74

— Bunn Loki (@BunnLoki) October 1, 2022

Depp fans are not only bashing her for lying about such serious issues but are also claiming her to be the real abuser in the situation, and not the other way round.

Heard is also getting a lot of shade on the fact that she seems to have enough money to spare for multiple trips but not enough to pay Depp back.

Depp fans are getting more impatient and intolerant of the actress; according to them, she keeps shirking her responsibilities and lying about being abused, which only serves to worsen the situation.

Meanwhile, Heard has not yet commented on the duration of her stay in Spain and neither has she addressed her being MIA before this trip.



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