Trump’s app became one of the most downloaded apps

With the launch of former US President Donald Trump’s personal app ‘Truth Social’, Apple became the most downloaded app in the App Store.

Former US President Donald Trump’s own social media app ‘Truth’ is finally available for download, a day after the app was officially unveiled. Became

Truth was automatically available to users who had ordered the app before it rolled out, immediately after the official announcement on the social app’s App Store.

At the beginning of the app users had difficulty in downloading due to some technical glitches and users were added to the ‘waiting list’ and these users were given the message that ‘due to mass demand’. We have put you on our waiting list. ‘

Remember that Trump was banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms after making provocative statements on social media.

Devon Nunes, CEO of Truth Social and a former member of the Republican Party, told Fox News that the app will be available to more people in the Apple App Store, at least in the US by the end of March. ۔