Will Tom Brady & Kim Kardashian Be Hollywood’s New Power Couple? Here Are The Odds For Who The Athlete Could Date Next

After weeks of breakup rumors, insiders revealed both Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have hired divorce lawyers, and though neither of them have spoken out about their crumbling marriage, fans are already making predictions as to who the superstars will date next.

Online sportsbook Bovada put together a list of the top dozen contenders for each, and there are more than a few surprises.

According to the website, newly single Kim Kardashian has a good chance at catching the NFL star’s eye, with her odds at +1600, while her younger sister Kendall Jenner comes in with +1000. Bovada believes there’s even better odds that Brady will go out with a fellow athlete, with retired Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn having odds at +2500, the same number as tennis ace Naomi Osaka.

Other top contenders include Jennifer Aniston and model Adriana Lima.

The outlet also shared the odds for who Bündchen could charm, with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Styles coming out on top with odds at +2500. Actors like Zac Efron and John Boyega fell just behind them, as did bachelor Brad Pitt, who had odds at +1200.

Meanwhile, Twitter users think the model should go after Pete Davidson, who’s already swept ladies like Kardashian and Ariana Grande off their feet.

Bündchen and Brady — who are currently living in separate homes — have overcome marital issues in the past, but their tension seems to have hit an all time high this year, with one insider spilling, “I don’t think there will be any coming back now.”


“They both have lawyers and are looking at what a split will entail, who gets what and what the finances will be,” added the source, noting they share two kids.

As OK! reported, some believe the catalyst of their squabbles was the quarterback’s sudden decision to come out of retirement, though others sources claimed they simply grew apart.

Either way, their issues have been of full display to the public, as the former Victoria’s Secret Angel has yet to attend any of the athlete’s games this season.


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