Woman slaps her boyfriend after he proposes to her with a RING POP

A marriage proposal went extremely wrong at a baseball game when a man was slapped in the face after he got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him using a Ring Pop.

Crowds gathered at the Rogers Centre on Sunday to watch the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Boston Red Sox, and while fans expected a great game, what they didn’t expect was to see a marriage proposal go south.

In a viral video, which has racked up over 250,000 views, Alexander Korda, from New York, was seen stopping his girlfriend as she made her way to her seat – before he told her that he loved her.

Alexander then got down on one knee, leaving his girlfriend shocked with her hand over her mouth.

Spectators turned their eyes to watch the seemingly happy couple – and immediately pulled their phones out to record what would happen next.

The official MLB camera crew even began recording the proposal so they could place it on the big screen for all fans to watch, unknowing what was to come.

And what many thought was going to be a sweet moment was destroyed when Alexander pulled out a small, black box from his left jean pocket – only to reveal a Ring Pop inside.

When his girlfriend saw the red lollipop ring, she screamed: ‘What the f**k is wrong with you?’

His girlfriend then fiercely slapped him across the face and threw her drink at him while fans shrieked in horror from their seats.

While it’s unknown whether or not the proposal was a prank or genuine, many social media users have speculated it was a all just a ploy to get some views.

Alexander’s girlfriend was wearing a bikini top from the brand Love Lost Manhattan in the clip, which Alexander is the CEO of and who is the original poster of the viral video – leaving some to question if the moment was real or faked.

‘So many things are staged for views and likes/advertisements these days so I have no idea if this is legit anymore,’ said one user in the comment section.

Another user agreed: ‘Sure seems staged, doesn’t it?’

‘Anything for content,’ wrote one user.

Someone else commented: ‘OK, definitely staged. They do this stuff at games all the time.’

Many users also speculated that the real ring was in his other pocket, while others slammed Alexander’s girlfriend for not being able to take a joke.

One user said: ‘She isn’t worth it man. Lol so aggressive . You got her though, lol priceless.’

‘He had the main ring in his pocket if she can’t get a joke she better not be with you,’ wrote one user.

Another user added: ‘Looks like the right ring box was in the other pocket!!’

‘That’s so sweet, maybe he was going to let her pick the ring. So embarrassed for him,’ said one user.


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